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7 answers

How do you schedule delivery dates in Scrum?

I've run into a constant issue. When a project starts, the client typically has a list of functionalities to be built in to the application. As a team we would like to follow Scrum. But the next thing ...
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5 answers

Why does our Sprint Planning not align with our original Release Plan?

Our scrum team has provided high level estimates for the project we are working during release planning meeting. The team provided guesstimated hours as well as Story points for each of the stories ...
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2 answers

Prioritizing Features

Question for fellow product owners/product managers. How do you prioritize your features? We are currently trying to develop some common criteria (as objective as possible) that we can use to ...
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3 answers

Jira - How to name a Jira release

We have a Jira project which contains all issues for a single website. The website has several different components, such as the theme and several lambda functions. Each component has their own ...
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Agile. Release planning. Why do I need stories instead of themes/epics

I'm reading Mike Cohn's book about Agile estimation. At the same time I have a release planning in couple of days. It's going to be 6 months (12 sprints release). We have the ideas about what needs ...
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What techniques are effective for Scrum teams within organizations that do waterfall release planning?

What planning and prioritization techniques are effective for Scrum teams and Product Owners working within an IT organization that uses waterfall planning behaviors at the release level? Are there ...
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Product release process in Agile?

Can anyone please explain the product release process in agile methodology? I have a bit idea about the release plan. Are both same? If any difference are there then kindly speak.
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