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Questions tagged [reporting]

Use this tag for detailed questions about how to create or manage reports.

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MS Project Dynamic Portfolio Reporting

I have a team creating projects in MS Project. I need them to share their projects with me (in sharepoint?) so I can pull individual reports in real time. I then need to take those dynamic projects ...
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Dynamically updating filters in a dashboard

The team I'm on has a couple of JIRA dashboards for our projects tracking tickets that were completed. Our process is to create a filter for that weeks completed issues, and then create a new ...
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Report in MS Project (Hr/task/resource)

I am trying to find/create a report in MS Project 2013 in order to display hours done in a month by a certain group of resource or a resource only (they are already grouped in the Allocation tab) with ...
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How to draw stacked column chart with custom text fields?

I am working on a report on MS Project 2013. In this report there is chart. The chart is based : NumberOftasks (Y-axis) which is a custom field of type number. Localization (X-axis) which is done by ...
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