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Questions tagged [return-on-investment]

For questions regarding Return-on-Investment (ROI) calculations for project justification.

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3 votes
2 answers

How to estimate scaling up costs of a project?

Let's consider an entrepreneur decides to create a new company like Airbnb, Netflix, etc. The problem is about the software part. He doesn't know how long it takes to create the mobile/web app? How ...
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2 answers

Planning Poker Reluctance

I am joining a new team that has been struggling with sizing for years. They have not been making sprints. They have been setting their own Story Points, and historically they have correlated them to ...
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1 vote
2 answers

How to calculate ROI of a necessary feature to an existing sytem?

I have a business system that works well and is currently in maintenance mode, using up maybe 5% annually of its original cost. So if it was 1,000 hours of development early on, annually we work on it ...
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4 answers

Priority vs Business Value

We use a sort of cruddy old SLDC module in Service Now for keeping track of sprints. It has a field for Story Points and Priority. Priority is 1 - Critical through 5 - Moderate. Does this track ...
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1 vote
2 answers

Should I calculate ROI as Benefits/Costs or Gains-Investment/Investment? Which is rather correct?

I am kind of puzzled as various sources give either of those formulas to calculate ROI: Cost of Benefits /Cost of Investments or (Gains - Investment) / Investment The obvious problem that if I ...
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What can I say is the ROI of this AdWords account?

So I have an AdWords campaign with the following numbers: Total Sales through Ads: 630000 Cost of the goods: 590000 Cost of Advertising: 22500 If I follow AdWords ROI formula, I have a ROI of 2.85%: ...
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1 vote
2 answers

Breaking Down a Code Review of a Prototype

I'm the Product Owner on a project, which is essentially the integration of a new technology into an existing product. A prototype has been written by an external developer and we are now tasked with ...
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How to articulate ROI for "strategic" project?

I want to initiate a project to enable communication within the organization. Although the cost is pretty clear, the benefits are obvious but not easily quantifiable. I am reticent to make ...
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4 answers

How to use ROI to justify a project that is solely a replacement of an out-of-date system?

We want to get a project justified, but the ROI model is not helping us since this is a replacement of a very old, antiquated and out of date system. There will be no increase in revenue, no process ...
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