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Why is Rowan plan used if it is not beneficial?

Halsey plan and Rowan plans are time based incentive wage plans. I have tried to check for the possible benefits the worker can get if he does work quickly than the standard time (S) . Halsey method ...
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Is money for reward and recognition set aside by PM during Cost Planning?

One of the tools and technique as part of "Develop team" process is to give reward and recognition to the people/team for showcasing desirable behavior during project execution. This is done because ...
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Extent of Project Manager's responsibility

To what extent can a Project Manager be held responsible for projects remaining on schedule and on budget? Would it make sense for Project Managers to be either promoted (or otherwise rewarded) for a ...
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ROWE - a buzzword or working strategy?

Recently I've heard about ROWE (Results-Only Work Environment), but I am unable to find any descriptive material about it's rules and principles of such approach. Do you know (and could share) any ...
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Should you give developer(s) bounty/bonus for his/her result?

How would you profit the work of a software developer? I would also say team, but I speak partly about single developer and partly about the whole. I have seven years in the developing scene, with ...
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What is the best way to reward a small project team? (specially, at New Year event)

Let me explain a little about this "reward". I don't know if it is common everywhere, but companies in our country often offer some reward at the end of the year (Lunar New Year, or maybe Christmas). ...
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When is it appropriate to provide non-monetary rewards to government employees that do not directly work for you?

When your client is the government, and you are managing a mixed team of your own with government employees, when is it appropriate to provide non-monetary rewards (such as dinners or gift ...
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