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Questions tagged [risk-management]

This tag is about documenting risk, handling risk, risk estimations, cross-team project risk, and any other risk that may affect the outcome of a project.

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18 votes
7 answers

Information to keep in a risk register

In the PMI process, they include a document called a Risk Register. It contains a list of all the risks -- realized and unrealized -- including some fields like probability and impact. For software ...
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4 answers

How do you measure risk?

As a related question to: What's the best definition and explanation of project risk? What is the most useful way of measuring risk? I've been thought it's best to measure it in additional monetary ...
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16 votes
10 answers

How to identify risks?

What risk identification methods you recommend to use? If a project manager needs to build a raw list of risks containing, say, 100 items, how would he/she do it? As I understand, brain storming is ...
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15 votes
3 answers

Is it still possible to use formal methods if the organization has chosen not to adopt them?

I managed a project in a company where I was the only person with experience of using formal methods (Prince 2). The directors of the company, and the other senior staff, all took the attitude that ...
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2 answers

When is "control of a software project" less important?

In the article titled Software Engineering: An Idea Whose Time Has Come and Gone?, Tom DeMarco says that: To understand control’s real role, you need to distinguish between two drastically ...
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3 answers

Splitting PM responsibility between technical lead and non-technical PM on an agile project?

In practical terms, how do you suggest that a technical lead (me) work with a non-technical PM who is responsible for multiple projects? How should dependencies between stories, and external ...
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6 votes
3 answers

Should a Risk Management Plan include a Risk Register?

Is it within the scope of a Risk Management Plan document to include a Risk Register? Or should a Risk Register be created separately, and the plan merely state that a register will be created?
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5 votes
4 answers

How is Risk Management in Agile Development Different From Risk Management in Waterfall Model?

In a typical project lifecycle, as a manager you are expected to have a risk plan which (please correct me if I'm wrong) consists of identifying, assessing and prioritizing all potential risks of the ...
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4 votes
12 answers

Risk and Opportunity definitions

If the definition of a risk is: Anything that might affect a project achieving its goals then what is the definition of an opportunity?
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2 answers

Distributed Risk Register and Facilitation of Risk-Based / -Aware Thinking

Over here, it was aksed how to overcome reticence to use RAID logs (with A referring to actions, not assumptions). The general approach, already suggested by the OP, would be to rid the (in this case ...
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6 answers

How to minimize scope creep?

Scope creep can easily transform a good project into a distressed one. What are the methods for minimizing continuous expansion of project requirements?
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