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In companies practicing Agile and Scrum, how do development, marketing and sales people work together?

Scrum suggests cross-functionl teams, does it mean that marketing specialists and sales specialist also should work in the same team as software development engineers and QA engineers? What are the ...
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Financial indicators of a project and a project manager's efficiency

A project manager's responsibility is to lead a project to a successful completion, which includes finishing the project on time, a happy customer, a proud team, etc. But it also includes financial ...
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3 answers

Business requirements and a fixed price contract

A new customer asks us to develop a complex software product (in time and on budget). They provided us with business requirements. These business requirements is a text logically devided into (un-...
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Change request affecting sales - what KPIs shall be used for tracking commercial perspective?

In our organization we decide to develop new product after we have enough evidence and confidence this new product will bring X amount of revenue and gross profit. Then in execution stage we face ...
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Sales person tries to be a project manager

Our organization is a matrix organization with very little power in PM hands. PM themselves are subject matter experts who share PM roles on one projects with delivery on others. We recently started ...
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Sales team keep on setting aggressive deadlines

So I had a quick meeting today, my Boss who is leading the sales team has given me one sprint to deliver a shopping list of work for a end client. I have told him that a week is not enough time to ...
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PMO Value Add Metrics

What would be the best group of metrics to use to measure PMO value in services organization? What do you use in your org,if any? By this I am talking about more of the soft metrics like repeat ...
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Any tips on how to 'sell' the necessity of dealing with technical debt to nontechnical stakeholders?

A number of stakeholders do not quite understand the necessity of dealing with technical debt preferring new features on top of not very maintainable code. Development is sometimes seen as kids who ...
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Project Management and sales activities

Recently my company insists that the PM should be strongly engaged in sales activities like writing offers, negotiating with clients, supervising the sales process. Sometimes it happens that the PM ...
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How to choose and manage a sales team that are given great flexibility?

I have come to a situation where I have to choose around 10 individuals to do sales for our company. A salesman per department (e.g electronic, cosmetic and so on). My concern is that the salesman ...
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What is an engagement manager - what does (s)he do?

Could anyone please give me a role description of an engagement manager? I think it should be the person internally responsible for getting a deal. The more detailed the better. References are also ...
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The Case for Hourly Estimates

My boss has always operated on fixed pricing projects; where we rarely see a profit on. I'm on board with selling our clients hourly rates on large projects. We have yet to get a client willing to ...
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Tips for Selecting an Existing Employee to Be a Project Manager

Projects are defined as being temporary. As a result, this means that unless more projects will follow, a project manager could be any employee with the necessary skillset who is selected to see the ...
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