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3 answers

How are department wide technical decisions made and enforced within and across SAFe Scrum Teams?

My Scrum Team works within the SAFe framework. I raised an issue with technical leadership for decision making when I realized I [in my role as a Scrum Developer] had no answers or ideas. Our unit [...
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How to scale Agile in IT Service company (not product based)

I work for a company which is trying to understand how to scale Agile. We are an IT Service company, we don't work on one product, we develop many IT projects at the same time for our customers and we ...
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What is the most effective way to store and track impediments on multiple projects and having them up-to-date?

I am facing a problem of registering the impediments in one place from several projects that we are running at the company. What I have tried another Jira board for product owners to create issues ...
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What is Scrum at scale?

I am new to the Scrum domain and recently found a "Scrum at scale" workshop near my town. I am a software engineer more inclined to data science. How would scaled Scrum help me become better in ...
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What is part of the Customer Relations team in Scrum@Scale

The Scrum@Scale guide documents a Customer Relations team as a separate entity, but does not specify what it entails. Customer Relations, Legal / Compliance, and People Operations are included ...
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