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2 answers

2 week agile sprint calendar

Let's say we arrange a sprint in agile methodology. The sprint will last for 2 weeks. let's say the first day is Monday of the 1st week & last day is Friday of 2nd week. In this setup, on what ...
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7 answers

Why aren't you supposed to report status in standups?

My team has a new scrum master. The old SM always said that standups were about coordination between the team members and not a report to him. Urging us to help each other if one of us ran into ...
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3 votes
4 answers

How can I make sure that the development team understand the importance of the Scrum ceremonies?

I heard a comment the other day from a team in our organization As soon as release pressure increase the scrum ceremonies gets neglected I thought to maybe have a chat with scrum master and have ...
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6 answers

Who starts the daily scrum meeting?

Is the scrum meeting started by the person whom comes to the meeting last or Anybody chosen by the team starts the scrum meeting? Tried to find answer to this question but no luck till now
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14 votes
4 answers

Are all the scrum ceremonies included in the sprint timebox in Scrum?

We know the daily meeting and the backlog refinement is inevitable to have out from in the sprint timebox, but we don't know, for example in a two-week sprint, if the sprint planning, review and ...
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