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Scrum of Scrums is a daily meeting normally after the Daily Scrum

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Is the Product Owner part of the Scrum Team in SAFe?

I've understood the Scrum Team to be one cohesive team consisting of three responsibility domains: Development team Product Owner Scrum Master Collectively, we all seek to refine/define and ...
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Scrum of Scrum of Scrums [closed]

What's the exact definition of this concept? Is it about a forum where multiple scrum masters working on a large product sync up their status or is it a brainstorming like session where multiple scrum ...
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Multiple teams dependencies handling

Scenario: E-commerce platform implemented by following teams: DevOps / ERP devs / web devs / native iOS devs (hybrid App) / native Android devs (hybrid App) we are using Scrum like (not scaled) / ...
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Who should be responsible for dividing Scrum teams?

When dividing 100 people into scrum teams, who should take responsibility for putting individual people into teams, should it be Scrum Master, Product Owner, or should people be allowed to emerge ...
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Does it make sense to reopen closed User Stories in a Scrum project

I was asked to adjust our ticket-workflow and I don't know if it's a good route that we're taking here. So I'd like to ask for your opinions. Our project is being developed based on a Scrum process ...
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Communicating between agile project teams and shared services

My organization has several teams that are all attempting to use Scrum. Some of the teams are tied to a project, e.g. implement a new web site. Some other teams are shared services, e.g. search engine,...
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Should meeting minutes be captured during Scrums of Scrums?

We hold daily Scrum of Scrums meetings on our project. The participants (i.e. non-technical managers) each manage several smaller projects and provide updates on their projects (from their daily ...
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How to keep a Scrum of Scrums meeting short and efficient given that reporting on non-technical issues can take a long time?

We are running a project with a team of around 60 people using Scrum. Half of the team reports to one project manager; half to another project manager. Those 2 project managers meet with the test lead ...
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How to make Scrum of Scrums meetings more productive?

At my job, we're having a Scrum of Scrums meeting where all the Scrum Masters get together. This meeting is turning into a boring meeting where everyone gives their status update. I'm trying to make ...
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