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Questions about the software/systems development life cycle, its phases, per-phase statistics, different phase breakdowns and estimation models.

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Small team with diverse tasks and little overlap - which methodology?

I have a small development team working on a variety of areas. Currently we are working in an interesting half-baked variation of Agile SCRUM, but that doesn't seem to make much sense in some respects....
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Big 4 scrum consultant giving bad advice - correct or let fail?

An agile coach was called to promote agile in a big bank. In one of his teams, half of the team is external consultants who have been there for 3-4 years. They currently implement Sales Force. In the ...
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What is a good target peer code review rate?

When I googled "best practices peer code review rate", I found lots of hits that provide best practices for how to conduct a peer code review, but nothing came up for determining a good peer code ...
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What's the relationship between SLDC and methodologies like XP, RAD, Scrum, etc.?

I'm confusing with the System Development Life Cycle Methodology with other Methodologies like Extreme Programming, Rapid Application Development, Rational United Process, Waterfall, V-Shaped, Spiral, ...
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Misunderstandings about Collective Ownership in an Agile environment [closed]

From my understanding collective ownership will solve common problems with the antiquated such as quality, failure due to absence and knowledge-sharing. However, there are some things that I don't ...
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In Traditional Development, What Percentage Time is Spent on Analysis?

I recall hearing some numbers related to the percentage time that is spent on analysis in a traditional software project. However, I'm now looking for references and coming up short. The only thing I ...
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Getting support for a software system rewrite?

We have a web site that was written five years ago by people that didn't know what they were doing. (I feel justified in saying that because I was one of them.) The resulting site was (and is) ...
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Is agile a 'subset' of the SDLC?

I'm having a hard time classifying software development methodologies. In my understanding, SDLC is the overarching model used for software development approaches. SDLC methodologies can range from ...
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When will waterfall development model cycle phase end?

As we can see from the link above, i assume the development in the waterfall model will never end. As it reach the maintenance phase, the team will be need to re-analys the system or improve the ...
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Who ensures that the backend API is compatible with the user interface?

In SDLC, who is responsible for ensuring that the backend API is compatible with the UI/UX? Tester, front-end developer, software analyst, or some other role? I think that it's the responsibility of ...
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A term for projects with long release cycle

Traditionally Agile is compared to Waterfall. And I think that most people when do this, think of Waterfall simply as a model with long release cycles. E.g. we plan tasks for 6-12 months, implement &...
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Legally Advisable to Give Copy of Project Plan and Systems Design to Stakeholders? Software Copyright Laws [closed]

When working on a software project as an independent team of freelance developers, is it legally advisable or inadvisable to give a copy of the Project Plan and Systems Design documentation to the ...
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What SOPs are best suited for projectized teams in order to seek customer satisfaction and delivery in software quality?

We are an IT Solution provider and I work as a Business Analyst. We are in the phase of streamlining our processes and procedures for software development projects. One of our core activity is to ...
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