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For questions related to Spikes. Spikes are useful to reduce the cone of uncertainty on a specific Story.

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3 votes
2 answers

Why is it called a story spike?

I understand what a story spike is for, but I'd like to know what the significance of the term is. I don't immediately see the relationship between the word "spike" and what it represents in ...
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3 answers

how to do spike/research story which can run more than 1 sprint

I past I have done a research/spike story which was a new area for me. Building big excel, debug ntml2 jar for authentication issue. our sprint was 2 weeks and it runs for more than 1 sprint, what ...
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20 votes
2 answers

What does "Architectural Spike" mean?

What does Architectural Spike mean? I know, that this is investigation activity for unknown and unestimated tasks. But I want know more details. When we should do it: during Sprint or between them? ...
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How to timebox Spikes using story points?

My original question was raised here: In Scrum, how to estimate research stories? and as suggested by @CodeGnome I created a separate question. In my opinion Spikes should be time-boxed as there is ...
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