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A sprint goal is a brief description of what the team plans to achieve during the course of a sprint. It is a tangible goal created by the development team and Product Owner together in advance of the sprint.

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Showing the benefit of Product Goals and Sprint Goals?

I have 2 questions. If we are using Scrum, is it really Scrum if a Product Goal and a Sprint Goal does not exist? My current situation is that I inherited a project with no project charter or ...
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On-time delivery vs Fast delivery

Asking a Scrum Team to deliver valuable shippable increment each Sprint leads to reinsurance - team members will put additional time/Story Points in their estimates, thus reducing TTM (Time To Market)...
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How can I effectively differentiate the Sprint Goal from the Sprint Backlog?

I'm facing a situation where I have to explain with an example the difference between a Sprint Goal and a Sprint Backlog. Here's how I understand it: The Sprint Goal is an objective that needs to be ...
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