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What does a Product Owner do if they disagree with the CEO's direction on product strategy?

What can, and should, a Product Owner / Product Manager do if the CEO has mandated that the team builds something which the Product Owner feels is not in the best interests of the customer? Aside from ...
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Tools, templates or techniques to facilitate defining project vision?

I am planning on facilitating one or more sessions with key stakeholders in order to define and document a shared "vision" for the end-state coming out of a planned business improvement project. This ...
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How do you employ agility in defining the strategy of a project?

When defining the strategy of a given project based on it's mission to deliver well-defined goals to meet the organization's vision, how do you employ the philosophy of agility as well as it's quality ...
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How to involve the whole team in setting quarterly objectives (OKRs)?

Context I'm a scrum master in a small (15 FTEs) organization that's about one year into a slow agile transformation. So far the shift towards agile has been limited to the Development team, but the ...
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Developing a digital strategy

I work in Australia for one of the world's largest companies. Our marketing team has a large budget for IT (information technology) projects but has very little direction or guidance in the way that ...
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Why are fiscal quarters a thing?

There exists a widespread separation of one year into 12 roughly equal slices. What is the benefit of introducing a very similar one b = floor(a/4)? How is we'll do it 2021Q1 better than we'll be done ...
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What's the difference between Enterprise Architecture and Programme Management?

From a surface-level overview, it seems like Enterprise Architecture is a practice whereby an organisation is re-organised in order that the enterprise can be better at what it does (source: FEAPO). ...
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managing a project without subject matter expertise

I'm new to this Stack Exchange community and am currently working in a large project (> 15000 staff hours) in the public sector. As the only subject matter expert on the team (6 members in total) I'...
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What are good KPI's for measuring high-level strategic goals?

I need to track organizational execution on high-level, long-term goals, along the lines of: Encourage collaboration Improve productivity Increase customer satisfaction Some of these can be measured ...
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How is a project's governance different to its strategy?

As i understand it, governance is the strategic task of defining an organization's goals, direction, limitations and accountability which sounds similar to a strategy however people seem to refer to ...
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Change from waterfall to agile [closed]

I have been working on different kind of software projects implementation using the water fall methodology. now some of my clients want to shift to agile methodology. what do I need to take into ...
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Business Case - Strategic Alignment

I am a college student studying a unit on Web Project Management. I have an assessment in which I have to plan a website design project for a client as part of an agency. I am currently writing the ...
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What are the special advantages of regression method of forecasting over others

In Quantitative Forecasting, there are different methods to predict the future. How Regression Analysis is more special than: Simple moving average Weighted moving average exponential smoothing and ...
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How fast can one change the IT organization to a Business Game Changer [closed]

There are five stages of an IT organization from a business stakeholders' view: Cost center Service Provider IT Partner Business Peer Business Game Changer (Source: CIO Magazine 2013 State of the ...
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Internal Competition vs Collaboration [closed]

Suppose you are a senior executive designing an organization that owns multiple brands in an industry. You can either structure the business unit to have each brand compete or collaborate. How do you ...
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How can I improve the team efficiency [closed]

I am 20 years old and together with my friend have been working on side projects since 4 years ago. This summer we finished high school and thought of taking things more seriously. We took a worker ...
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