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1 answer

Strategy to manage and organize Contractor's Work and change requests

We have subcontractors doing work for our company, and all of the information is exchanged between e-mails. I found out that every time someone asks for info, we need to look back at our e-mail, then ...
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ITIL for marketing projects

Is there a tailoring of ITIL for marketing projects: web, crm and mobile? Something a marketing expert can understand who supervises the realisation of such a project by a subcontractor.
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2 answers

Give visibility to work being done by a subcontractor

My company has subcontracted a project and the subcontractor is using their own instance of JIRA to manage their work. Because we use a different tool I opted to let them use the tools they know and ...
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1 answer

Sub contractors changing the invoicing agreement

I am very often finding myself in situations where the sub contractor at the end of the project is asking for more money. This is despite clearly agreeing to a fixed price at the start of the project....
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Is it possible to apply Scrum to time based sub contractors?

Scrum is based on velocity and using that forecast when something will be delivered, however most subcontractors charge by the hour, hence the two do not go hand in hand. In which event, I manage them ...
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6 answers

Dealing with an agency who can't give a definite quote

I am currently working with an agency for a client to implement new features or fix bugs. The trouble that I am having is that they can never give me a definite quote in terms of hours, their business ...
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3 answers

Boss is making me liable for developers actions

As an agile project manager, I am currently working with one sub contractor, the problem that I am currently facing is that he is just not pulling his weight with not only doing the work but also ...
1 vote
3 answers

Having trouble managing a sub contractor

I am project managing on an on going bases an e-commerce site for a client. I have only one resource working on it, a sub contractor due to a lack of resources. He is working remotely. I am having ...
2 votes
3 answers

Do contracting companies, whose services are key to the project, count as stakeholders?

Say a contracting company is hired by a parent entity to complete a given piece of work. It's a fixed-fee project with a specified deliverable. The work is critical to the overall project, and the ...
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1 answer

How do you ensure your code does not get stolen when working with a remote contractor? [closed]

Recently in order to expand our products, we have had to bring in external contractors, especially those working remotely. Some of the tasks involve porting an existing application on one platform to ...
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1 answer

Seeking professional advice on choosing/evaluating of an IT-contractor [closed]

When choosing an IT-contractor I have only vague ideas on how I can discern the quality of an IT-firm. Below I gather some criteria I have thought about and would like to know if those points are ...
16 votes
7 answers

Project complete but does not really satisfy the end users. Business owners unhappy

Some background on the project: I recently completed a project for a company. The project was a fairly large line of business web site. The customer was a company with no prior experience ...
1 vote
2 answers

Consulting with other consultants

Question to the braintrust. How do you handle whether to offload API programming and design when another consultant asks you? I'm in a situation where I have to do development against an API that I ...
9 votes
10 answers

How to deal with unreliable subcontractor?

There is a software project which, in big part, was delivered by a subcontractor. It is already in production but there are many bugs submitted by the customer. Bugs are redirected to the ...
6 votes
3 answers

When should I use a contract Scrum Master?

Lately we've been looking at growing our organisation, and I've been looking at the possibility of either getting a contract Scrum Master to help us grow, hiring a new full-time Scrum Master or ...
4 votes
4 answers

Avoiding Parkinson's Law

I'm managing an large project where most of the work is done through a subcontractor. We worked collaboratively to come up with a project plan and schedule, building in contingency reserves for tasks ...