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Use this tag for questions about exercises designed to bring the team together as a cohesive unit, as well as how to resolve interpersonal conflicts. This tag is not for questions about hiring team members.

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Project Management Software for a web development company [closed]

I have been doing freelancing with PHP, Ruby, and mostly open source frameworks for a long time. Now that I have a certain client base, they are giving me regular projects. I have decided to go in ...
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Open Source Project Management Software [closed]

There are many users here who might be using one project management software or the other. Some may be using paid or some stick with opensource. Paid are good and have good set of features. But whats ...
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As a PM, How do you select your project team members?

I’m new to project management and it’s not a fulltime job; in other words a programmer turned project manager, still do some coding :-) I was following this site’s proposal from the beginning, and ...
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How to better balance resources in a cross-functional agile team?

I am the project manager for a team composed of employees who were hired specifically as QA or development prior to agile/scrum being adopted by the organization. Just for background, I came into the ...
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How can I avoid team burnout?

I work for a small web company that deals with a lot of projects, a few at any given time are development heavy for us (400-1500 hours or more) and I've been noticing developers get extremely burnt ...
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16 votes
8 answers

How to choose, motivate & develop a newbie programmer?

Imagine that you need to hire new programmer, however you are 100% sure that there are not experienced (what you need) developers on the local market and you need to work with newbies. A couple of ...
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What is the best way to reward a small project team? (specially, at New Year event)

Let me explain a little about this "reward". I don't know if it is common everywhere, but companies in our country often offer some reward at the end of the year (Lunar New Year, or maybe Christmas). ...
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How to balance Teamwork and Babble?

I have sensed conflict in an organization, which works like this: They want to encourage teamwork and good personal relationships They want discuss work-related personal matters and design decisions ...
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10 answers

One of team members plays a game during a work

Imagine you're a project manager. In fact - more coach than manager. You have a team of 6 people. One of team members plays a lot of web-based game. You infer this, because his monitor is facing door ...
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How to improve the team-work?

Recently our team was informed that they will be joined to another team. We work in a big system and there are several subsystems that demand specific competencies, currently we have: Team-A --> ...
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How can my team reconcile flow and pair-programming?

For those of you who have read Peopleware, you were probably exposed to the concept of flow. Flow is a mental state attained by creativity workers (engineers, writers, programmers, etc.) which is ...
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Are there any wrong methods when selecting a team?

When selecting a team do you think it’s beneficial to use information collated from exercises such as Honey & Mumford – Learning Style Questionnaires? Furthermore, would you encourage team/...
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3 answers

Driving process change within a company that only has recently viewed its software as a competitive advantage

I have recently changed roles ( 4+ years ) as a product manager within an organization with previous years spent as a business analyst within a mid-sized agile software development firm and I have ...
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How would you achieve and maintain a high performing team (of Project Managers)?

I realise this is not strictly a Project Management question, but is very closely aligned to PM practises and people, so I hope it's in scope. I am currently in the process of applying for an internal ...
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How to deal with a person with low quality output in the team

I have a person in my team with average experience that always does the task exactly as requested as output but with low quality. I noticed this more than one time on short periods -weeks- and every ...
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