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Questions tagged [team-building]

Use this tag for questions about exercises designed to bring the team together as a cohesive unit, as well as how to resolve interpersonal conflicts. This tag is not for questions about hiring team members.

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What is the main factor that makes your project not meet its goals most of the time? [closed]

What is the most common problem you face regularly and how you can avoid it? I wonder if we, as a community, will agree on the same thing? I ask for some short answers (just in a few words) to ...
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6 votes
5 answers

Should a ScrumMaster step into political conversations?

As a SM I try to promote great environement for my team by encouraging collaboration and teamwork. It works well for the work hours, but during lunch time 2 of them always argue against each other on ...
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How to determine team size?

Is there any formula to define team size for small project. I had read fibonacci sequence number formula for rating. So can we apply some logic to define teamsize? I mean we have two subprojects in a ...
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15 votes
8 answers

Team Building Exercises

I'm looking for some good team building exercises for a small (7 people) software development team. We are just in the forming stage of our group and looking to bond a bit more. It doesn't have to ...
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10 answers

How can I get my team to value self-organization and self-improvement?

I'm working as a project leader in a team of 5 developers and myself and taking the role of analyst. Within the company, we've been applying the agile principles for several years. Some of the ...
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11 answers

How can I avoid team burnout?

I work for a small web company that deals with a lot of projects, a few at any given time are development heavy for us (400-1500 hours or more) and I've been noticing developers get extremely burnt ...
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5 votes
6 answers

What can I do to encourage teams to lighten up?

I work with a geographically distributed team (different timezones) with people from various cultures and background. Some of us have never met each other in person but we communicate with each other ...
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5 votes
4 answers

Should a Scrum Team be comprised of Engineers from different code bases? Or is that irrelevant?

We have a "product suite" that is comprised of 3 main products with separate code bases, 2 C projects, 1 Java. The engineers have been placed on the same scrum team in the name of having a cross-...
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12 votes
5 answers

Creative way to introduce new team member

Recently to our group joined a new member. We usually plan a team meeting to introduce ourselves. In the round we tell a little bit about our position in the team, what we do and what we love. But ...
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5 votes
3 answers

Driving process change within a company that only has recently viewed its software as a competitive advantage

I have recently changed roles ( 4+ years ) as a product manager within an organization with previous years spent as a business analyst within a mid-sized agile software development firm and I have ...
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3 answers

How can PM take care about a team members skill?

Usually a team members have different skills of work (coding, communication, analyse and others). What PM can do to minimize the difference of skill in the team? Especially to grow average of skills ...
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3 votes
5 answers

How to informally find a good programmer?

Management has opened a new position on our 8-10 person team of C/C++ developers. As a team member, I've got a vested interest us actually finding quality candidates. Can anyone suggest some ...
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9 votes
4 answers

How to create project momentum and then to sustain it over a long period?

I have been on a relatively small project team (2-3 members) and found it difficult to sustain project momentum. The initial momentum was easily created when everyone is enthusiastic and excited about ...
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4 votes
3 answers

How to work with a team member with a severe tic?

I am a researcher at a university. I have supervised some Master's theses, but never a work project. Today, I informed my first ever student assistant that she is hired. She is a nice girl and has ...
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16 votes
8 answers

How to choose, motivate & develop a newbie programmer?

Imagine that you need to hire new programmer, however you are 100% sure that there are not experienced (what you need) developers on the local market and you need to work with newbies. A couple of ...
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5 votes
5 answers

How to hire great engineers when your technical skills are dated?

There's a person who is a team leader and project manager of small project. At the beginning it is planned for 6 people: 3 developers, quality engineer, sys admin and PM/leader. Eventually it may grow ...
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11 votes
10 answers

One of team members plays a game during a work

Imagine you're a project manager. In fact - more coach than manager. You have a team of 6 people. One of team members plays a lot of web-based game. You infer this, because his monitor is facing door ...
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10 votes
6 answers

For a team of 15-25, what types of seating arrangements are optimal

Not everyone works together all the time, but various pairs do on different projects. What is the best way to configure desks to optimize for communication and ability for people to focus.
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Very Interesting ways to encourage responsible behavior in a project. [closed]

What are the funny and innovative techniques you use as a manager to bring about structure in a project without enforcing rules per say. Here are some examples: Have a Big Balloon with the words “I ...
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5 votes
4 answers

Management by Walking Around (with a remote team)

Management by Walking Around (or Wandering About) is an extraordinarily effective (yet simple) way to keep your finger on the pulse of your team, to build relationships, and hear about problems and ...
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3 answers

How to encourage team members to contribute to an open, yet respectful, team environment?

recently, I asked how to deal with PMs weaknesses from a team members point of view: Is it the team members responsibility to correct PMs weaknesses? (or at least in his own interest) I sense a wide ...
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How to improve the team-work?

Recently our team was informed that they will be joined to another team. We work in a big system and there are several subsystems that demand specific competencies, currently we have: Team-A --> ...
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6 votes
6 answers

Are there any wrong methods when selecting a team?

When selecting a team do you think it’s beneficial to use information collated from exercises such as Honey & Mumford – Learning Style Questionnaires? Furthermore, would you encourage team/...
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3 answers

Open Source Project Management Software [closed]

There are many users here who might be using one project management software or the other. Some may be using paid or some stick with opensource. Paid are good and have good set of features. But whats ...
9 votes
16 answers

Project Management Software for a web development company [closed]

I have been doing freelancing with PHP, Ruby, and mostly open source frameworks for a long time. Now that I have a certain client base, they are giving me regular projects. I have decided to go in ...
4 votes
4 answers

Which variables should be considered when determining team size for a project?

Some are more obvious - for example, the team has to be large enough to be able to complete the project on time, and at an acceptable level of quality. Others, not quite - for example, when dealing ...
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26 votes
11 answers

As a PM, How do you select your project team members?

I’m new to project management and it’s not a fulltime job; in other words a programmer turned project manager, still do some coding :-) I was following this site’s proposal from the beginning, and ...
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19 votes
6 answers

How to Create Better Communicators on Your Team?

I work with a team who is distributed. Most of our staff works remotely. As a result, communication is much more important. The team consists of managers, supervisors, marketing personnel, web ...
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How to Create a Solid Team (Software Developer)

I'm a young software developer that wants to create a solid team with my friends, does anyone know about how to create a solid team according to your experience?
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What is the best way to reward a small project team? (specially, at New Year event)

Let me explain a little about this "reward". I don't know if it is common everywhere, but companies in our country often offer some reward at the end of the year (Lunar New Year, or maybe Christmas). ...
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How long until a team can "become" agile on the job? [closed]

Last year I led a project for a research institute. Requirements had been in progress over the entire project, and I had lot of trouble when planning, budgeting and providing other estimates. Now, in ...
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