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Questions tagged [team-capacity]

for questions about estimating or tracking a team's capacity to perform work

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Holiday capacity question

Our next sprint starts on Dec 18th and should end on Jan 1st. Most of the team will be unavailable on Christmas and boxing day. The PO will also miss about 4 days of that sprint. The problem is Jan ...
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Team Velocity and Increasing Capacity

I've seen other questions on here about the fact that we shouldn't push for Team Velocity/Capacity to increase. That being said, we have a mandate from Leadership to try and make that happen. We ...
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How should we capture "non-implementation" work?

Currently we don't capture non-implementation stories and treat any research, analysis, release, and support work as team overhead. This makes it very difficult to predict team velocity. What is the ...
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Scrum and interruptions (urgent bugs, requests)

Does Scrum take into account interruptions? For example: urgent bugs from production environment requests from other teams This is very important in real development process. In practice of Scrum ...
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How will team changes impact velocity of a Scrum project?

Question If there are 8 members in a team assigned to complete the project. 20% of the team left during the particular sprint. Does the velocity change? If so, what would the velocity changes be? ...
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Measuring team capacity for upcoming sprint on a Scrum Team

As a Scrum Master, I have been tasked with helping the team understand its capacity for an upcoming sprint. This capacity, along with the product backlog, the latest increment, and past team ...
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4 answers

What to do when capacity is reduced in the middle of the Sprint? (e.g. Sick Leave)

A developer had to take unplanned days off in the middle of the Sprint, causing an impact of less hours in the original capacity. It is possible to measure this in hours (e.g. 2 days = 16 hours). So, ...
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How can I measure team capacity in Kanban?

When doing Scrum, I use story points based on the total number of points completed in a sprint. When doing Kanban, I am not sure how to work out capacity. What is the best way to do this?
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Different Scrum Teams Assisting Each Other - Good or Bad?

I was reading a comment: It affects empiricism of [the Scrum Team receiving aid] because both the outputs and outcomes of that Sprint have been affected. [...] The professionalism of knowledge ...
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How to do resource allocation between overlapping tasks in MS Project?

I am building a capacity planning model in Project 2016. My goal is to illustrate that in real life no one does a single task 100% of the time. I want to show that 10% of the resources' time is ...
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Identifying and considering the important factors to calculate a persons Capacity for a Sprint?

My team works in a 3 Weeks sprint, and accordingly we calculate the capacity of Team member based on his or her planned holidays and company Vacations. But we cannot deny any unplanned / Sick leaves,...
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9 votes
4 answers

For planning purposes, how many work hours per day should I expect of each staff member?

In my reading on SE, some people say 5-6 hours and this agrees with my experience. In our company, we commonly are "at work" 7.5 hours each day, but from a PM point of view... How many hours should ...
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Can machine learning be used for capacity planning?

As a team, we currently use a simple mathematical model for planning the size of future releases (in story points). I am looking to overhaul this at the moment so that it more accurately reflects what ...
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15 votes
7 answers

How to calculate sprint capacity?

Let's say the team works 5 days, and there are 3 developers in the team, and they are working 8 hours per day. So actually it is easy to calculate: 5*3*8=120 hours of work per week. But there is ...
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Test capacity prohibiting stretch goals

In my current team of 3 dedicated testers and 3 dedicated developers we often find ourselves in a scenario towards the end of our sprint (usually the last 2-4 days of our 2 week sprint) where the ...
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How to prevent top managers setting unrealistic expectations with a customer?

Currently we're working on a project where top management is providing unrealistic estimates to our customers, especially in terms of the number of bugs that we can fix. We are not talking just about ...
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Who decides how much work should be included in each Sprint?

Once we have groomed the backlog and have a relatively clear direction of what should be done in short and long term, how do we decide what to include in each Sprint? Who makes that decision? It ...
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