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Questions tagged [team-size]

For questions about team size (not team composition) as it relates to a specific framework or project.

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2 answers

One team of 6 developers doing two projects serially or two teams of 3 developers working in parallel?

Trying to keep an open mind on a request from senior leadership. Maybe I'm biased, so I'm seeking opinion/research that helps guide me. I am the Engineering Manager of a current team of 6. Established ...
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3 answers

Has anyone actually tried "The Bermuda plan" and if so, how did it go?

The Wikipedia page on Brook's Law includes the following sentence: The Bermuda plan, where most developers on a project are removed ("sent to Bermuda") and the remaining are left to ...
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4 answers

Can one person be Scrum Master inside two project at the same time?

We have a software company and our team is ten people and the number of projects we have is two. Can one person be the Scrum Master inside two projects at the same time?
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10 votes
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Does Scrum makes sense for 12 members in a Development Team?

Our team is consist of 12 people who work on one product. While Scrum says team size should be 3-9 people. So, should we not use Scrum only because of team size? We probably can't split the team, ...
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When does throwing in people to meet a Project's Scope or Time constraints ever work?

While there's way too much wisdom and anecdotal evidence accumulated over the years that throwing new people into a project to magically close a scope-gap or a schedule-gap is a bad idea, I've noticed ...
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6 answers

Team productivity vs team size

I am looking for information about how the team size impacts project velocity. Let's assume that I have a small project estimated at 300 hours for single worker. What impact does team size have on ...
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7 votes
1 answer

Is there a project management methodology that is designed for small teams of 1-3 people?

I am doing a research project on this topic for a graduate class, and I have had a hard time finding sources that specifically talk about this in detail rather than briefly mentioning it and moving on ...
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25 votes
9 answers

Adding new team members to a late project

According to Brooks' Law, adding more people to a late project will make the project later (or by analogy, nine women cannot have a baby in one month). The increased lateness is due to the fact that ...
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