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Example layouts / standards for filesystem folder names in project documentation?

I am new to project management and would like to know, where is a standard either a best practice to define name of project folder tree in the filesystem, or SharePoint. Maybe there is something ...
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Project Management templates - Official standards across industry

Does anyone know if, according to PMI, or any other PM certification, there are official templates for project management artifacts. I am interested in the following documentation: Project charter ...
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Resource planning within large project

I am in the middle of a project that consists of 2 different teams, one team does migration of websites while the other team does development of features. My challenge is to maintain an overview of ...
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RUP document templates

I've been searching all over the internet for templates of RUP documents(e.g. Requirements, Software architecture...). If I'm not mistaken the documents are called artifacts I would like to ...
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How can I connect Project Issues to Project Deliverables in a Post-Mortem document?

I'm conducting a Post-Mortem Review with Senior Management, regarding a project that had multiple unfulfilled/half-fulfilled deliverables that caused issues for clients. The deliverable for the Post-...
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How does one build a burnup chart?

Can someone explain how to build a burn-up chart? Please give me a walkthrough of how to build one?
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Writing a work plan for a video game?

I was asked to do a work plan at work for a simple flash based game, problem is I've never done anything like this, I googled and read about it but just to be 100% sure before I start writing. ...
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Project Management Templates [closed]

In the interest of not reinventing the wheel, are there any useful websites with collections of good samples of various deliverables (project charters, status reports, communication plans, RACI ...
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Information to keep in a risk register

In the PMI process, they include a document called a Risk Register. It contains a list of all the risks -- realized and unrealized -- including some fields like probability and impact. For software ...
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