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For questions about Microsoft's Azure DevOps Server, previously known as Team Foundation Server (TFS).

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Is it possible to link msproject with the TFS system?

I wonder if it is possible to create and manage tasks in microsoft project 2010 and commit the modifications to the TFS project's tasks? It will be practical to raise the percentage of a task in ...
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Scrum - Is a good practice to set the remaining work of a Sub-task?

I am working with TFS and I set the story points for all the user stories using the Fibonacci series and set the velocity of the team. TFS has a field called ´Remaining work´ for the sub-task, it is a ...
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How to get a good overview of projects using TFS 2012

My team are just evaluating a move to a more agile process and one of the questions that has arisen is how best to track... Projects (upcoming, in progress, completed) Team capacity I'm hoping to ...
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In VSTS, get the hours logged by an individual for each day in the sprint

We moved to VSTS recently, I wonder if there any Widget or a query to get the hours logged by an individual for each day in the sprint.
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