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Questions tagged [time-management]

Questions about time management in the context of Project Management. See also for general time management questions.

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4 answers

What is the typical ratio of PM/EM hours to "work" hours in a project?

What is the rule-of-thumb ratio of Project Manager/Engagement Manager time to overall project time (e.g. man-hours for work products) in a project? I'm especially interested in an answer within the ...
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What time tracking / time management software do you use? [closed]

I made a few searches for such a question and I did not discover any. So... have you tried implementing and actively using a software that is tracking employees time spent on different assignments? ...
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7 answers

What are developers expected to do during testing in the latter half of each Sprint?

When you are using the Scrum framework, a Sprint cycle involves development and QA. At the end of the Sprint the tasks worked upon and tested are showcased and released. Typically, for a team of 3 to ...
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What should Scrum Master do if Scrum Team hasn't reached an event goal after time-box expires?

What should the Scrum Master do if the time-box of event has already expired, but the goal not reached yet? This is the quote that made me think about this question: So what do we do when the time-...
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35 votes
7 answers

Is Planning Poker Bad for Software Development Teams?

We have a project manager that is adamant about planning poker. I have found that this adds stress to everyone on the team, and the times are always wrong. We have different skill levels on the team ...
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14 answers

Are 40 hour work-weeks (no overtime) acceptable for development teams?

No matter what our current conditions are, it seems like my team is always working 40 hour work-weeks. Under normal work conditions this would be fine, but as we approach a deadline on a major ...
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22 votes
7 answers

How to handle CEO "priority" requests that affect existing client deadlines?

Our team(s) have agreed upon timelines both by the team themselves and the clients, including a bit of extra padding in case of any mistakes. However, the CEO of the company consistently sends ...
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4 answers

Agile team full of part time developers

I often see projects at my company that are full of part-time developers, meaning they work some % on different projects. Additionally, management seems to be on the Agile hype train. I feel that ...
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7 answers

How to define a task completion criteria?

You, being a project manager, assign a task to a technical specialist. You don't understand exactly what he/she is doing, since you don't have his/her skills and education. How do you define a task ...
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How many projects can a PM manage at the same time?

We are a small team and can afford only one project manager (PM). As a result he's basically managing all of our projects. To keep the quality of our business, we would not like to overload him. ...
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8 votes
2 answers

How detailed should my time management be?

I work as a freelancer and want to start tracking my time, but how do I decide how detailed this should be? Currently, I just keep track of the time I spend on various projects, but I don't subdivide ...
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7 votes
4 answers

How can I handle objections about the percent of utilization of a non-technical PM?

One of our best PMs is a non-technical PM. She used to be a BA, not a developer, and is extremely detail oriented, has excellent communications, is Scrum certified, etc. We are placing her on one of ...
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7 votes
4 answers

What is the term for actual delivery time will be varied by 4 times from estimation?

I remember I once read in Wikipedia about a law stating that the actual delivering time will always be 4 times less to 4 times more from the estimated time, even when you aware that law and know every ...
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1 answer

How to manage large-scale research projects in a research center and measure performance?

I work at a research center that is now going through changes in its administration. The new board of directors calls for a more aggressive and more practical approach to project management and ...
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6 answers

What is the purpose of logging work on daily time sheets?

My company recently introduced time sheet logging for each individual in the development team. To be honest, it is quite time consuming. Each member needs to log what they have done each day. They ...
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4 votes
3 answers

How to evaluate task duration?

Another question came up about estimation of budget and time plan estimates for a project. In my answer, I stated that the ground knowledge for time estimate was experience. Does anyone knows a more ...
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4 votes
8 answers

Dealing with non-scheduled time in Project

We build software. We use MS Project. We have projects where someone is booked 100% which really turns out to be 80% with meetings, more meetings, some side meetings, corporate meetings, etc that suck ...
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3 votes
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How should support be provided for existing software?

In our organization, sales people and administrators ask developers for support whenever they experience a problem. How should support time be structured/provided for existing software without ...
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3 answers

What Scrum Master should do to prevent out of time constraints (time-boxes) of events?

Scrum has strict limitations of events in time. It is hard to stay in the events time-boxes that Scrum Guide prescribes. What Scrum Master should do to avoid situation when Scrum Team didn't reach a ...
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3 answers

Making a budget and time plan for a software project

Let's assume that we are starting a project, but have no previous experience of budgeting a software project. What should the guys who will work on that project do to make a decent budget planing? ...
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Which Collaboration Software Do You Use? [closed]

We are looking for a new Collaboration-Software. Especially for collaboration, monitoring, reporting, project management, bugtracking, time management, agile software etc. So I am interested in your ...
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How to calculate Critical Path including Std Dev for each activity estimate?

When estimating activity durations, you get a duration plus/minus a sigma (standard deviation) for each activity. Afterwards, when you want to determine the critical path, what figure should you ...
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1 vote
2 answers

Project, Time, and Task Management software 1 person [closed]

I have spend countless hours trying demos of the 100's of types of project and task management software out there, and none seem to fit the bill of exactly what I am looking to accomplish. I decided ...
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How to communicate technical obstacles?

For my project management class we have been proposed with a case and have been asked to come up with a proposed solution. I am not quite sure how to approach this, or what the best solution might be. ...
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I am having difficulties in managing tasks that shows up in a random fashion

I am managing 4 projects, and every time I check email, I do see lots of tasks. Once I complete all these tasks, and feel it is done, again I see suddenly something else coming up. Please suggest ...
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