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Questions tagged [timeboxing]

Use this tag for questions about how to define a time box, or how to use one effectively, within agile frameworks such as Scrum.

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5 answers

How to use velocity when PBIs are so large

So, I'm very junior and am wanting to learn PM stuff, and I'm encountering a strange issue in my team. We want to use velocity as a way to see whether we're improving or not. However, my understanding ...
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2 answers

Are the 15 minutes Daily-Scrum timeboxes result of any public investigation?

For years I have been applying the suggested Scrum timeboxes with good results. Now it's my time to advise others trying to apply it. My advice is to follow the timeboxes because, otherwise, we will ...
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3 answers

how to do spike/research story which can run more than 1 sprint

I past I have done a research/spike story which was a new area for me. Building big excel, debug ntml2 jar for authentication issue. our sprint was 2 weeks and it runs for more than 1 sprint, what ...
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6 answers

Is it really necessary to have a four hour meeting in Sprint planning?

According to Wikipedia, it is recommended that there should be a four hour meeting in a two-week sprint planning (pro-rata for other sprint durations). Is it necessary? Why?
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14 votes
4 answers

Are all the scrum ceremonies included in the sprint timebox in Scrum?

We know the daily meeting and the backlog refinement is inevitable to have out from in the sprint timebox, but we don't know, for example in a two-week sprint, if the sprint planning, review and ...
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2 votes
3 answers

What Scrum especify when the time of the sprint planning is exhausted before you finish with all task?

Scenario In some cases, we cannot complete all the task in the 4 hour that scrum specify by a 2-week sprint. This may be caused by a bad previous refinery, uncertain work or just big changes reveal in ...
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3 votes
3 answers

How much time should be given for investigating bugs/user stories for a sizing session

How much time should a developer spend on investigating bugs/user stories for sizing in a sprint? Currently we have 2 sizing sessions and a developer has time (time-boxed at 5min) to investigate and ...
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5 answers

Moving from 2-week dev sprint / 1 week QA sprint model to a "true" 2-week sprint model - tips?

First some background: We have a team of ~18 devs working across several projects large and small (it generally breaks down to 3-5 scrum teams). We are all working in the same codebase and our ...
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2 answers

Planning a release around the Apple's AppStore in mind

I am currently working for a company that has adopted scrum and we are trying to figure a rule for how to account for tech support, bug fixing and the unknowns of the Apple appstore within our sprints....
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2 votes
6 answers

How do I convince my team to reduce sprint duration from three weeks to two weeks?

How do I convince my team, which is working on three week long sprints, to work on two week long sprints instead? The idea is to get quicker feedback from the Product Owner. The team doesn't get that.
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3 answers

How should we plan work on support issues without a "battery"?

We are working on a very old project with a lot of legacy code. This means that we have around 3-5 unplanned issues every Sprint. We were handling that with "batteries": time set aside for ...
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