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How to represent time durations (e.g. time spent), in Excel, in hours-minutes-seconds?

Our platform has Excel reports with fields like Estimated Time or Actual Time spent on a task. These fields are not standardized - in some reports, time values are represented as 10.8 mins, 0.22mins, ...
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Are there best practices with time tracking?

What are the best practices for tracking time for developers? Our company has recently demanded that all employees track their time spent working daily with little guidance beyond that other than an ...
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Todo Note taking and Eisenhower Decision Matrix - Quadrant 2: Not Urgent but Important Tasks

Bases on the theory of the Eisenhower Decision Matrix, one is supposed to dedicate time preferably to the Quadrant 2 (Q2): Not Urgent but Important Tasks. (reference: The Art of Manliness) Is to-do ...
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How do you track employee working hours? [closed]

I've inherited the responsibility of managing a team in my role. I need to track the hours that each employee spends on each project. We're a small startup that lacks an existing process for this task....
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Is tracking billable time for Scrum ceremonies in JIRA an anti-pattern?

We use Story Points for estimating complexity of User Stories, but we bill hours to the client. This is the very first Scrum project within our company, and we don't have enough data to calculate a ...
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Tracking hours for Managers/Scrum Master

Developers at my company log hours in JIRA. Managers/Scrum Masters do not log hours that religiously. They would only log for Scrum ceremonies. As a manager, I can see the reason for not adding my ...
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Time Logs for Project Manager

I am a solutions architect working for a private company. The company would like to associate employees' time logs with their payroll. For instances, if an employee is supposed to deliver 8 hours of ...
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Cost management without time tracking in Scrum

In my company I'm responsible for several software development teams. Lately our managers asked me to establish a time tracking system for our developers to have better overview over the actual costs ...
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Best practice for tracking management activities

Situation: My company is using external developers. These developers are working in a Scrum setting with a delivery manager to manage the communication with us. The team is very satisfied with the ...
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Personal Time Tracking report using Atlassian Jira

I'm a software developer and I'm asked to log my time in Atlassian Jira for each of the subtasks we have in all the open stories. Sometimes we are in rush and I forget to log some time in the many ...
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How can a small dev team track time successfully? [closed]

I work for a small tech start-up and we are trying to figure out an efficient way for track the developer's time and budget which doesn't take a lot for the dev team to fill in. An efficient way to ...
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How can our chaotic JIRA process be used to report resource allocation using MS Project Server?

I'm trying to figure out the best method to address this issue. We have a pool of resources that work on projects, BAU, and production support. PMs utilize these resources in an agile methodology and ...
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What process changes can I make to more accurately track both collaborative stories and individual time within Jira?

I'm currently working with an organization that is using the Jira Tempo Timesheets plugin to track developer time, but the way that Jira stories and tasks are being used fails to capture overhead ...
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How to track development activity time against tasks

We are a medium-sized, geographically-dispersed development team using Jira for task management and GIT as our repository. Our developers are generally focused on one primary development project at a ...
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How should I classifying my daily project activities into tags?

In the company where I work, I need to fill out a timesheet specifying how I spent my working hours for each project. I need to put the amount of time spent, and also a comment about how I spent that ...
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What is the purpose of logging work on daily time sheets?

My company recently introduced time sheet logging for each individual in the development team. To be honest, it is quite time consuming. Each member needs to log what they have done each day. They ...
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Cloud-Based Time Tracking Software [closed]

I'm looking for a cloud-based time tracking service for a 20 person company which allows employees to be logged in throughout the day and choose a work category from a drop down menu, choose the ...
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How to display Time Tracking fields in Issue Detail View using Kanban Board in Jira?

That's it. How can I have Time Tracking fields (Original Estimate, Remaining Estimate) show up in Issue Detail View when using a Kanban Board (in "Work" mode) in Jira? Looks like this feature can ...
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When is time tracking too detailed?

Currently, all developers all required to "clock in" by actually clicking on a timer in our internal application. So even a discrepancy of 3 minutes from the budget needs to be accounted for. As a PM,...
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What are some approach in making the customers happy If deadlines are not met and I cannot provide accurate updates due to internal process?

All. I work in an environment wherein programmers get their tasks from a queue and resources are being managed by a line manager. I use an application to log the work needed for the project and the ...
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How do I encourage team members to accurately log their work?

One thing that I noticed is that lots of employees forget to log the number of hours that they worked on a task. Is there a way to provide incentives for them to measure their work accurately? (either ...
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Why might Senior Leadership push back on 'total time accounting'

The advantages of total time accounting seem self-evident to me, but I routinely get resistance from senior leadership when attempting to institutionalize this in the organizations I have been. What ...
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