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Questions tagged [tools]

This tag is for questions about the USAGE or IMPLEMENTATION of materials or practices used by project managers to support their work-flow. As a superset tag, the "tools" tag should not be used when there's another, more-specific tag available. This tag should not be used for software recommendations, which are off-topic on this site per the Help Center guidelines.

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Asana and requirements management

I am looking for a way to include requirements management in Asana. Right now we have a very powerful integration with Instagantt, where projects and their scheduled tasks are in sync with Asana's ...
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Is it possible to display Estimation Points for lanes in Active Sprint in JIRA?

in the attachment you can see JIRA, an active Scrum Board. I've a very simple question, is it possible to have on top of the lane a number representing the Estimated Points that are the sum of that ...
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How to use Azure DevOps to track tasks done yesterday and task to be performed today?

How can i configure Azure DevOps to get reports similar to daily scrum meeting template. There is need to get report on what task was worked on yesterday, and what task will be done today, effectively ...
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In Jira-Domo integration, issues with more than 1 sprint show as closed in the first sprint

We set up DOMO to pull from our Jira issues. We noticed that the Velocity charts were not matching up. We realized that for issues that are rolled into more than one sprint - if they weren't complete ...
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