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Trac is an enhanced wiki and issue tracking system for software development projects. Excerpt from Wikipedia: > Trac is an open source, Web-based project management and bug tracking system. > The program is inspired by CVSTrac, and was originally named svntrac due to its ability > to interface with Subversion. It is developed and maintained by Edgewall Software.

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trac daily update on ticket

I'm using trac for project management. I want to send my colleagues a daily summary email of the updates on tickets, so that they are aware of the progress. Is there any tool/script that does this?
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What Gantt Chart software can be coupled tightly with the development process for minimum effort required?

From a software developer's point of view, maintaining a gantt chart (such as marking off tasks as complete or reassigning them, etc) can become cumbersome when dealing with a separate piece of ...