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In SAFe, what is the meaning of AV in the PI Objectives?

In the page, when capturing the PI Objectives, you have a BV and AV column. The BV is Business Value, and is explained. But I don't see a meaning ...
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How do I ask a stakeholder about their valuation of improvement amount curve?

On a daily basis I have the urge to ask someone, about a measurable (usually intermediate) target I can work towards or otherwise allocate resources towards, how much (Y) would value to them getting ...
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1 vote
2 answers

WIP vs. Value-adding cards for Kanban in IT operations / IT support

I have a small question of understanding regarding Kanban, because I am currently unsure how to properly map the work to be done. In the last time I have read some blog articles and books about Kanban ...
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4 answers

Cadence in Scrum

Scrum coaches say that a Scrum Team (often Scrum Developent Team is meant) should adhere to: predictable cadence delivering business value each Sprint But at the same time Scrum emphasizes that ...
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How to handle unequally distributed material cost in EVM

I am looking into Earned Value Management and seem to be unable to find anything useful on how to deal with large material cost, which are not equally spread over the project. All examples that I have ...
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What is Value Assurance all about?

I have seen positions such as Value Assurance manager. How it differs from Project Assurance manager or even Project Manager?
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4 answers

Priority vs Business Value

We use a sort of cruddy old SLDC module in Service Now for keeping track of sprints. It has a field for Story Points and Priority. Priority is 1 - Critical through 5 - Moderate. Does this track ...
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4 votes
6 answers

In Agile, what do you call the costs of building infrastructure for the first release?

Stakeholders who are new to agile are expecting thin slices of value per each release, so when we start new projects they are confused when we need large infrastructure costs. We minimise the ...
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2 votes
3 answers

What is the best way to link the Business Cases to the user stories in Scrum?

I am Product Owner of a Scrum Team which has to develop features for multiple business units. All these features are translated in user stories. Of course, some features are developed for multiple ...
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How to measure the value of Product management?

There are 2 types of product management broadly - New Product and Existing products. For an existing product, the task of the product manager is to increase revenue, in a declining market share ...
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PMO Value Add Metrics

What would be the best group of metrics to use to measure PMO value in services organization? What do you use in your org,if any? By this I am talking about more of the soft metrics like repeat ...
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How do I sell Project and Program Management to my customers [closed]

I am looking for a presentation that would list the benefits / Value-Add of a Project Manager for a single project and Program Management for multiple related projects. I'm looking for a "WOW we ...
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6 votes
3 answers

Team members struggling to thin slice business value - how to help?

I have been asked to join a new a team which is struggling with agile adoption within a large programme utilising fairly methodical Scrum. The aim of the product is to create a surface layer over the ...
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