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Ask questions about project management. This is a site about project management by people who love the subject.

The site is for project management practitioners, academics and amateur theorists. Answers should be based on knowledge of the field or experience. Questions should be genuine and should be about managing projects or the field of project management. Be respectful of the community and the time and dedication of its members. If you can Google it, don't ask it here.

We have vigorous discussions about the nature of the site itself. You can read the discussions about the changing site policy and the back it up rule and other community issues on the Meta site. You can influence the direction of the site by participating in those discussions, and by commenting, editing and voting up or down questions and answers on the main site. This is a community site. Welcome!

Advice on Asking Questions

These tips will help anyone write a great question:

  • Be sure to do your own research before asking. Questions that are overly broad or that show no research effort will be closed by the community. Make sure it is not a question that is easily answered with a Google search. These will be closed as Not a Real Question. Just do a quick Google search before asking. :)

  • Clearly state the problem you are facing and provide enough detail for someone to provide an answer that fits your specific need.

  • Stick around for a few minutes after asking. It's quite possible a community member may be hanging around and may leave a comment to help you clarify your question.

Advice on Answering

When answering your question, the community has agreed to enforce the "back it up" rule:

  • Make sure you explain why your answer is correct, especially if other answers offer another viewpoint that differs from yours. For instance, explain how your answer helped you solve a project management problem you faced.

  • If possible, it helps to cite references. The community will judge whether or not your answer is sufficient. If in doubt, it's a good idea to cite an official reference or explain what makes your answer correct.

  • Our site is run by the community. As a member of the community, it's your role to comment on answers that don't cite references and challenge them, if you believe the information needs to be supported.

Questions that don't meet guidelines are subject to downvoting, closure, and/or deletion by the community, or they could be flagged for moderator attention and removed.

StackExchange has many other sites for other questions. Programming or software development problems can be asked on Stack Overflow or Programmers SE

We often get people looking for project management software recommendations or advice on using a particular tool. This is not the place to look for that. See Real Questions Have Answers or the help resources for that particular tool.