3 of 4 More reasons not to use.

Redmine doesn’t (at least without a plugin, at least as far as I saw):

  • Seem to be the right place to develop a schedule (major). For example, I don’t see how to allow for holidays in the Gantt.
  • Handle task dependency easily. I haven’t tried to do that at all (ease of use).
  • Report days or person-days behind/ahead of schedule (major).
  • Produce man-loading charts.
  • Show historical data, e.g. are we catching up or not, a burndown chart (major).
  • Allow for a baseline. This is similar to the historical data.
  • Show progress bars in increments less than 1 day (minor).
  • Automatically assign completion dates from start dates and estimated hours (ease of use).
  • In Gantt and roadmap show who is a assigned to a task/bug.
  • Show dates on Gantt, shows week number, day of week and month only. Need to hover to see date (minor).

Just the historical data and burndown chart issues are enough to think it isn't good for more than light project management.