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For questions about using or implementing the Scrum framework.

Even if there is not enough work "on average" to have a UX resource in every team/tribe/whatever, there will always come a point when the shared resource is required by more than one team at the same …
answered Oct 18 '18 by Baracus
I do not think this is against Agile principles, nor do I think it is against Scrum principles. I am not aware of any broad rules that say you should not estimate in time, although I am sure that …
answered Oct 23 '17 by Baracus
Without Agile experience you will find it hard to get a Scrum Master role, even if you get the certification. Try working in a Scrum environment first to see whether you like it. Scrum has a lot of … rules. As a Scrum Master you will be expected to buy in heavily to the Scrum methodology. Be sure that you agree with the methodology before become a champion of it. Bear in mind also that the Scrum
answered Oct 5 '17 by Baracus
The extra detail (and the tasks associated with it) should be elucidated before Sprint Planning, during regular backlog grooming sessions. If you wait until Sprint Planning or later to define what y …
answered Oct 29 '17 by Baracus
I have never heard of this. Story points are linear (otherwise it would be impossible to use them as a measure of velocity). However the scale is non-linear, to stop people arguing over whether someth …
answered Dec 10 '18 by Baracus
If you are using User Stories to describe features, then you should certainly continue be using User Stories to describe change requests. I think the User Story in this case is pretty clear - you kno …
answered Sep 11 '18 by Baracus
Scrum as a process is a good way of delivering a project which will take several sprints to deliver. It is also very fashionable. However it is not such a good process for delivering bugfixes and …
answered Sep 21 '17 by Baracus
First of all, I will assume that this migration is the only project that any of the teams have to work on currently. In order to maintain a Scrum mentality, you need to find "Epics" that can be … dealt with in their entirety by a single Scrum team, and allocate the Epics evenly around the teams until the project has been delivered. If there is absolutely no way that the migration stories can be …
answered Oct 23 '17 by Baracus