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For questions about using or implementing the Scrum framework.

For me the answer depends on your actual role and future plans. If you consider yourself as a by the book Scrum Master, then raise this issue after a team meeting - possibly after the daily … you consider yourself as Scrum Master, who is part of the team, then you also have to raise the issue saying that this may not be the best assignment for you. However, it may happen that you'll still …
answered Apr 30 '12 by Zsolt
If you are doing Scrum make it as a policy that you are going to talk about the progress of bugs during the daily standup meeting. When you know what the root cause is you can start to handle the bug …
answered Dec 3 '14 by Zsolt
I would keep the marketing activities outside of Scrum teams, because they are changing quite frequently, it is hard to predict what will happen, and unfortunately Scrum cannot handle frequent …
answered May 19 '11 by Zsolt
You are right, that setup is something hard to sell, and when you do A,B,C,A,B,C there is a chance that you won't finish anything. What happens if a user story of project B is not finished in its spri …
answered Mar 27 '13 by Zsolt
My rule of thumb is to write it down the simplest way possible in order to avoid misunderstandings, unnecessary discussions about English grammar (bike shed), and trolling. Therefore I'm using simple …
answered Mar 1 '16 by Zsolt
It is possible, but does not make too much sense. If there is a scrum team, the daily meeting should be about the team's scrum board and burn down chart. There is no need for other artifacts for the … whole team. If you don't have these, have them first, let them be around for several sprints, and discuss the results during the retrospective. In case the team is not mature enough, the scrum master should jump in, and coach the team so that they are able to use the scrum artifacts. …
answered Jan 19 '16 by Zsolt
Unfortunately, ScrumBut does have some negative connotation, showing that one is not good enough to implement a full Scrum. On the other hand, most of the Scrum implementations are actually ScrumButs … (yes, there will be comments arguing but that's just a few from thousands of thousands implementations), but people fear to call it that way because of scrum bullying. Scrum works only if one …
answered Jul 20 '15 by Zsolt
I thought it is a some kind of a slang, but now I've also spent some time searching, and I think it comes from the tool they are using (the OP mentioned agilo for trac). According to a discussion on …
answered Sep 7 '12 by Zsolt
For me, impediment is something outside of the team's scope. For example, not having a special hardware for testing. In this case, the team cannot do much, because buying new hardware is usually par …
answered Jun 18 '12 by Zsolt
also tell her that Scrum may help her reducing these risks. While you are doing this, you can also learn about her motive, and figure out why is it difficult for her to say 'no'. With this approach … members would go to the PO instead of you, when they have a problem with the way you do your job. Moreover, the customer may not be interested in the way you work and may also prefer to talk to a PO than to the team (although in Scrum it can work). …
answered Feb 2 '15 by Zsolt
Once you become a real Scrum Master, you shift your career focus from development to people management. Most of the organisations don't fully understand the role of the Scrum Master, and they … function as a Technical Lead, so there is still place for doing development time to time in this scenario. The real Scrum Master has hardly any time to do development. First of all, he is responsible for …
answered Feb 3 '13 by Zsolt
Generally, speaking of course you can have learning tasks, and you should have them, but putting them into Scrum context is tricky. A user story comes from the PO, and the result is a a deliverable …
answered Nov 13 '15 by Zsolt
First, you can re-estimate the user story, since it was not delivered. Second, you can break down that user story into valuable and working pieces. You estimate the pieces and deliver them. This app …
answered Oct 20 '15 by Zsolt
I should be able to find some really elaborated articles that question the highly praised benefits of those modern management techniques... Unfortunately, Scrum has nothing to do with management … disturb the team. I have no idea why people thought that managers would let themselves be put aside. Is there a conspiracy going on? My version: The original idea of Scrum was great, but after …
answered Feb 1 '12 by Zsolt
Due to the complexity of a team, you'll never be able to calculate the Story Point / Person ratio. So, when you put together the Sprint Backlog use the User Stories from the Backlog and the capacity …
answered Mar 1 '13 by Zsolt

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