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There are a variety of OOB charts in Azure DevOps. Some simple ones can be viewed under "Charts" after you run a query for your current sprint. (I don't know why they don't display in the Sprint view): After you run the query click Charts -- you can then view/edit a number of different charts. Of course you can get fancy with Analytics views and ...


You can't do this in Jira unless you have some hacked awful workflow where everyone has their own status and each status corresponds to a different column on the board.


Subtasks don't show up in a backlog view by design. However you can configure your backlog to see the subtasks as jira issue id's under their associated Story or Task. In your Board Configuration, go to Card Layout and under Backlog choose "Sub-Tasks" and add it. Now in your backlog at the bottom of each card you'll see any subtasks created for that issue. ...

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