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In a Kanban or Scrum workflow should tasks/stories move back?

I’d say no. The car in the production line gets inspected in the bay it is being built. When it doesn’t pass quality control, it stays there, and continues to get worked on. It doesn’t leave the paint ...
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Iterative tasks in Machine Learning

I work with ML teams and the work process is very similar to yours. The team will create a ticket for each retraining and will use sub-tasks for the steps (upload data, run tests, analyse results, etc....
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Iterative tasks in Machine Learning

You're trying to fit a type of work into a process model where it doesn't belong. When you are using a Scrum-based life cycle, the expectation is that you will have iterations of a generally fixed ...
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Iterative tasks in Machine Learning

TL;DR You lack coherent goals for the machine learning track. This is ultimately the problem you need to solve. Your underlying issue isn't really the type of work, or the framework you're using; it's ...

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