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Workflows are associated with projects and not with boards. If you have two boards pointing at the same project then any changes you make to the workflow will have an impact on both boards.


You mention in the comment under Bogdans answer that the biggest issue is related to triage of bugs. You could choose to create a 'triage' task that moves through your flow. The outcome of the triage could be added (or linked) to the bug so that you always know where to find it. This means that the bug stays on the backlog unless triage shows that it needs ...


First - Agile Software Development is about changing your process to fit your needs. Scrum is not agile, Kanban (JIT) is not agile. It's your team changing processes or coming up with your own processes that suit your situation - that's what being agile means. These days among the methodologies there's a clear understanding what's faster and resolves in ...

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