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What is the best methodology for a multiproject and multiteam environment?

Given the way you have described your situation, I would say you have the following challenges - Too much demand (work) on your teams, across multiple products/ projects Constrained capacity to ...
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What is the best methodology for a multiproject and multiteam environment?

Low morale of team members, it is very rare case if sprint is done in time up to 100% This statement is worrying. In Scrum there is no concept of 'done in time'. The team pulls work into the sprint ...
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Resource planning and monitoring for multiple projects and teams

If you use Microsoft Excel and want to have an easy transition to a tool that allows you to aggregate data and display them in dashboards, then I suggest you try Smartsheet. Smartsheet looks like ...
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setting ITIL as a common framework for multiple IT teams around the world

I'm not all that familiar with the details of ITIL. When I've run across it, what I have usually found is the process was stagnating the origanization. What I would advise is flip things around, ...
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assigning multiple people to a single task in MSP

Project will assign the resources at their max units as defined in the Resource sheet. If you want to assign resources at different amounts, you'll need to enter the units manually. What are the ...
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How to reduce planning meeting time involving several teams?

It's always wise to prepare for hosting a meeting with a planned itinery list of the things that need to be discussed in order of priority. These can be ticked off once discussed but also recorded ...
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