This tag is for questions regarding the USAGE of software directly related to project management. Questions about technical support or product selection are off-topic. You should already know what tool you plan to use and what process the tool will automate before writing your question. Use specific software tags (e.g. "ms-project", "jira") rather than this generic tag whenever possible.


Project Management software consists of either desktop, web-based, or mobile software used by project managers and their teams to report on the progress of the project, manage the schedule, provide information to managers, or document the progress of the project towards completion.

Questions with this tag:

Questions with this tag should be about a real, actual problem faced by a project manager using a specific software program used in project management.

This tag is not for tool recommendations. Tool recommendation questions are considered both not constructive (they ask for list of things) and are considered as off-topic.

If you ask a question using this tag, be sure to include specific details about your environment. Are you an agile shop or waterfall? How many people on your team and how many projects do you manage? What have you tried so far? What didn't work and why? Providing this information helps avoid closing your question as not a real question, and will help the community give you a great answer.

Commonly Used PM Software Tools:

While tool recommendation questions are discouraged, we have compiled a list of commonly used software that may help you as a project manager:

When to NOT use pm-software tag:

There are software that due to their extensive usage around the community have specific tags, such as the below. Whenever possible, use a specific tag instead: