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TL;DR You have mixed some concepts. As Stanislav has written; there are two approaches. Predictive and Adaptive Within Adaptive you may find both incremental and iterative which are distinct from each other. However, it is highly likely that Incremental is also found within Predictive models. How Does That Work? Increments are pre-defined packages of ...


The main difference between them is that an iterative process makes progress through continuous refinement while an incremental process makes progress through small increments.


Hi, seems you are opposing approaches to models. There is Predictive & Adaptive Approaches. Predictive e.g. Waterfall and Adaptive is like Agile. So Adaptive SDLC approaches have a mix of incremental and iterative development. Here you could find more info.


There is that you can integrate with your GitLab instance. In its settings you can create a "label prefix" like epic: or story: and it will provide you a Kanban board where you can use these prefixed labels to group your issues. What's even better, you don't have the limitation of staying inside a group, you can select any number of ...


I have written about the scientific evidence on teamwork for 20 years. I like your thinking. There are pretty solid answers in the research literature: Yes. Anything you can do to give the team more control over its work is likely to improve measurable team performance and worker satisfaction. Shorter objectives are more motivating, but longer goals can be ...


In the later case I was expecting that the auto-leveling would either move the task to the first day of the resource availability or to mark them as over allocated when not available. MS Project allows you to have resources assignments applied to a task that do not have the same period of performance of the actual task itself. Most people never actually ...

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