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I think this common mistake comes from the word "owner". "Own" has two different meanings: 1. to have, possess; and 2. to admit or confess to. The product owner is not one who have the possession of the product; rather is who admits or denies the specifications of the product in backlog.


Don't ask clarifying questions; make assumptions and state them explicitly Welcome to pmse! You can even cover two scenarios with two different assumptions, if needed. Also, assume that the feature doesn't exist now. There are two key aspects you are being tested on: Dev team and business people don't speak the same language. As the Product Manager it is ...


The team as a whole is responsible for requirements and specifications. Backlog Refinement - preparing backlog items so that they are ready to take into future sprints - is a continuous process. Some teams formally allocate a certain amount of time each sprint to backlog refinement or alternatively just do it as a background task. The point of backlog ...


There's a lot of grey area, but the direct answer to you question according to the Scrum Guide is no - it is not the Product Owner's responsibility to provide data mappings. So... in your situation, the PO has a backlog item that says something like "As a sales exec, I want to see a graph of sales ...


If a company needs to deal with these kinds of technical stories a lot, they hire/have technical product owners. If such stories come up from time to time, then the product owners groom the stories with the support of the software developers in the team. So, my answer is; this is entirely in the scope of the product owner role.


Trust is agility's foundation. Lack of trust is painted all over the way the question is framed. The Product Owner is indeed responsible for driving the creation of the user stories. The PO, however, is not the sole responsible for that. Specially on Stories that have a considerable amount of technical background, development team should play a critical, ...

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