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Custom Formula Field is empty on the Project Center page in Project 2016

One big disadvantage of Project Server / Project Online custom fields is that those fields are not automatically updated. Custom fields are stored inside the project, and they are not updated outside ...
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Task Approval before Publishing

I'll answer this question with an answer that does not answer your question. I think you are looking for a solution that is looking for a problem that, if you found one, will create a lot of problems....
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Task Approval before Publishing

Like David, I find your process questionable for a number of reasons. From the way you formulated your question, however, I assume you weren't the one who defined the process that way, so here is the ...
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Sending Email Notification when Assigning Task to Resources in Project Server 2016 Web App

This way has been changed in SharePoint 2016 and it now depends on the outgoing e-mail settings in Central Administration. For the detail steps, check Project Server 2016: Missing Alerts and ...
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PWA's Project Center Timeline Not Adding Tasks or Projects After Editing Webpart

I was disappointed with PWA's timeline functionality because it wouldn't match my project's timeline. Some callout tasks would be misplaced and overlap each other in PWA while everything looked good ...
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