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I cannot speak to what Rita Mulchahy's definitions are but the PMBoK does not contain a definition of Variance Report in any way. It does discuss variance analyses as a technique to determine where you are against where you had planned to be. Therefore, you can infer that your variance analyses become part of your status report. The PMBoK does reference ...


A variance report is a report that is specifically and directly looking for problems. And: "why are these problems happening, and what should executive decision-makers right now do about them?"


IMHO, the first quote is misleading. Status reports are/should be more broad and comprehensive than variance reports. Every manager I've ever worked for has wanted a status report. What they want in their status report is peculiar to each manager. If you don't control the status report, you will facilitate closet micromanaging. I've had some success with a ...


Well for starters - baseline(s) could be anything - cost, schedule etc but perfomrance measurement baseline is a subset of all the baselines. Secondly, status report, as said is focused on vitals of the project . Say for example Earned Value Analysis - to see the variance in cost or schedule against the plan. This could be part of your project status report ....

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