Alex! It's great that you are asking these questions, though I agree with both of your commenters. If your company is refusing to provide leadership training, two places to start are your local library--pick up several books to get different perspectives--and your local chapter of the Project Management Institute. In general, management books and researchers ...


You need to select "fixed work" instead of "fixed duration." You can find that functionality in the Task Information area. When you have fixed work selected, and you add a resource, that will change the duration. If you have fixed duration selected and you add resources, it will reduce resource utilization percentage.


It would help to know the nature of your team's work, and what kind of tickets you work on. Handing over work in progress to a different person works reasonably well if the task is shoveling sand from one heap to another, but not really for intellectual tasks where the majority of the effort is in understanding the problem and finding a solution. That said, ...

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