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Due to the nature of most Agile development, the details of a given piece of functionality can change over time (in fact, if this isn't true, you aren't very agile). Therefor, what is on a given card in your backlog is just a description of that point in time, making it ill-suited for long-term documentation. Further, documenting too much in cards can lead ...


I have successfully kept the "issues" in Jira and then used Confluence for the type of documents that you are mentioning. My recommendation would be to keep your documents in a more appropriate system, for instance Confluence. Sure any kind of documentation system would do. Both Jira and Confluence are from the same provider, Atlassian. Harry


A Risk is NOT an Opportunity First, and foremost Review the section Action vs. Action Item Then See the Difference State 3 - Risk State 4 - Opportunity Under Four States Requiring Action Action vs. Action Item - What's the difference? What is an Action? The process of doing something in order to achieve an aim, or meet an objective. An Action ...

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