The ScrumMaster tag is used to ask questions related to this very important and central role in scrum.

ScrumMaster is a very important role in the implementation of scrum. This person works with everyone in the team to ensure successful implementation of scrum. He understands scrum and ensures that the spirit of scrum is followed to delivered in time and with quality.

Excerpts from scrum alliance -

The ScrumMaster is a "servant leader" who helps the rest of the Scrum team follow the process. The ScrumMaster must have a good understanding of the Scrum framework and the ability to train others in its subtleties.

The ScrumMaster helps the product owner understand how to create and maintain the product backlog. He or she works with the entire Scrum team to evolve the Definition of Done. The ScrumMaster also works with the development team to find and implement the technical practices needed to get to Done at the end of each sprint.

Another responsibility of the ScrumMaster is to remove impediments to the team’s progress. These impediments may be external to the team (such as a lack of support from another team) or internal (such as the product owner not knowing how to properly prepare the product backlog). That said, the ScrumMaster fosters self-organization, meaning that the team itself should remove issues wherever possible.

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