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Notification for Newly created Tickets in JIRA project

You may also create a Jira Automation to send you a mail every time a ticket is created. Details HERE. Regardless of the approach, worth to discuss with the jira administration on how to collaborate ...
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Should bugs be treated as stories or as tasks?

There is no correct answer to this, the important thing is that you understand the options and the impact that they will have on the way you manage the project and how your team can record/report ...
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How should we manage/point ad-hoc support queries that come in after the sprint has started?

Urgent issues happen. Any Scrum Team that is supporting an operational system must consider how to handle reports of critical defects, system outages, and other types of unplanned work that go into ...
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Handling Dynamic Sub-task Estimation in Jira without Double-Counting Story Points

Jira doesn't give much control over how story points are aggregated together out of the box. There are some plugins that allow you to do complicated JQL. An example might be to use these plugins to ...
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Pay raise linked to velocity?

Why would you link pay to any measurable aspect of development work? It seems to me that this starts from the assumption that some kind of incentive will deliver benefits to the firm in excess of the ...
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Pay raise linked to velocity?

Velocity != Productivity Velocity is not a measure of productivity. It's a proxy metric for team capacity used for forecasting and capacity planning. More generally, it's a useful took for estimating ...
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