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This tag is for questions about the USAGE or IMPLEMENTATION of materials or practices used by project managers to support their work-flow. As a superset tag, the "tools" tag should not be used when there's another, more-specific tag available. This tag should not be used for software recommendations, which are off-topic on this site per the Help Center guidelines.

Tools is a Superset

The tag is a superset. If another tag is more appropriate or more narrowly-targeted, please consider using that tag instead.

Good tagging examples with

Here are some good examples that show the appropriate use of . Note the focus on how to use or implement the in support of the project management workflow.

  • "Should QA have a column on the kanban?"
  • "I am using Some Proprietary Tool™, and currently calculate man-hours manually. How can I include man-hours automatically in the burn-down report?"
  • "On my project, all tasks need to be estimated in Roman numerals. How can I enforce this requirement?"

Bad tagging examples

Technical support questions, lists of , or requests about selection are all off-topic. Also, please don't use the tag for questions like these:

  • "Help! Some Proprietary Tool™ gives me an internal server error. What do I do?"
  • "I want to ensmallen therbligs on my project. What tools are available for that?"
  • "I have an iPhone. Is there an app for..."
  • "What do other people use for..."

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