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What are "Consumed Story Points" in Trello?

Consumed Story Points: An Agile Anti-Pattern "Consumed points" are a sort of burn-down metric that some practitioners use to track progress of a story against its original estimates. It's intended to ...
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Should I word backlog items as what's broken or what work needs to be done?

Bottomline: go for the approach that'll help you solve the end user needs (features or bugfixes) faster. A task should reflect the issue from end users view. You can do a triage, but I'd avoid ...
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Is it more effective to create a Trello board for each new sprint or have one long-lived sprint board?

It sounds like the underlying challenge you are facing is a lot of items spilling over sprint-to-sprint. Otherwise, you could have one board, pull from the product backlog into a sprint backlog, work ...
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Overcoming reticence to use RAID logs

My answer is not a canonical answer but rather my observations and opinions from years of practice. I have found that project teams typically detest and avoid these types of logs no matter if the ...
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Kaban board lacks of hierarchical view - how to overcome it

My organization uses hierarchical Kanban boards. We use what is known as SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework for Enterprises). LeanKit is one product that supports this, but there are others too. Basically ...
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