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A title must be precise. The simpler the better. The prefix phrases like 'As a user', 'As a system administrator', 'As a business owner', 'As a developer' etc. are best suited for describing the acceptance criteria of the story. A simple title will make the story easy to refer to or look up.


I agree with what the other answers has commented: The title should be descriptive to know in a glance what will happen when the story is released. I would like to add some advice I use to write it, and it's use "When released, this story will...", as follow: "When released, this story will... " > "Send an email to Service Delivery when the order is ...


TL;DR Titles should be short and pithy, but meaningful. Think of them as communications shorthand that give the team a handle to refer to, not as lengthy descriptors. The story labels should make it easy to differentiate stories from one another. Effective Story Titles What constitutes a good or bad title will vary a lot based on your organization and ...


It doesn't really matter. Just do what seems suitable for your processes. In my experience, if you are using an electronic board, the "As a user I want" phrase will be too long to be shown directly on the board and get truncated to a meaningless "As a user I want to..." (or slightly longer, but not long enough to really tell what the stories are about). In ...

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