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For questions about the role of a business analyst within a project team.
50 questions
The sprint backlog is the list of work the development team must address during the next sprint. It's commonly known with Scrum.
49 questions
For questions about management of small projects.
46 questions
Deadline is a particular day or time, by which a Task or a Project must be accomplished. Most Milestone goals are associated with a certain Deadline.
45 questions
44 questions
A big user story that takes longer than a single sprint/iteration, and thus is broken down into smaller user stories. Typically represent a high-level feature of the developed product.
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For questions about identifying, documenting, communicating, or mitigating risks to a project's schedule.
43 questions
Process improvement is the focus of improving business processes
42 questions
Lean is a systematic method for the elimination of waste ("Muda") within a manufacturing system.
41 questions
For questions about the definitions of project management related terms.
40 questions
For questions about PMI (Project Management Institute). PMI is a US not-for-profit professional organization for project management. Well known as publisher of PMBOK Guide and provider of PMP certific…
40 questions
For questions about burndown-chart (a graphical representation of work left to do versus time).
38 questions
For questions relating to required project skills and how to measure and improve them.
37 questions
for questions about the velocity metric or velocity tracking within an agile context.
35 questions
For questions about project management related terminology.
34 questions
for questions specific to timelines. See other tags for GANTT and scheduling.
33 questions
For questions about the critical path method (CPM) of scheduling projects.
32 questions
For questions relating to the development and management of project business cases.
32 questions
For questions relating to the effective management of distributed project teams.
32 questions
32 questions
Questions relating to the avoidance, management and mitigation of conflict within or between project teams or stakeholders.
30 questions
for questions that are related to a leader's involvement in the technical arena.
29 questions
29 questions
for questions about defining or implementing a Definition of Done (DoD) within an agile process.
29 questions
used for questions about PM training methods or team member training methods. If the question is about a certification, use the certification tag.
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