I am a web developer, a proud wanderer and a passionate doer. I am sending you my regards from sunny Thessaloniki, Greece. Have you ever been? Take a look, I am sure you will fall in love with the amazing beaches of Chalkidiki.

I am a JavaScript kind of dude who's obsessed with clean and efficient code. I am interested in designing software architectures, APIs and databases to serve the rest of an application. I am calling myself a full stack developer but I love taking a specific field in my hands and getting the juice out of it. I am interested in being a part of a team that builds great software. I get things done.

I like things like Node.js, Express.js, React.js, Webpack, Gulp, MySQL, MongoDB, Mocha, Jest, AWS, Ansible, Git and a whole lot more.

This blog is my personal playground, I am also doing a lot of public speaking talking a lot about tech stuff and also talking with others on my podcast. Stargento is one of my side projects, an online PHP/Magento sandbox. You can find more code samples and my contributions on Github. Along with some folks, we are organizing the local Nodejs meetup and DEVit Conf, the biggest web development conference in northern Greece. We are also known as SKGtech.

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