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One of the things that motivate me the most in my work is to be able to improve the daily life of users. I have the opportunity to do this in my current work, where I have contributed to the UX Strategy for the last 3+ years.

As part of the work, I am used to both going into the details (e.g. deciding on interactions, creating prototypes, documenting UI prototype behavior to make a handover easier to UI development teams), but I'm also comfortable on informing senior management on key user experience decisions.

As a former software developer, I have gained a solid experience in Agile ways of working, as well as a valuable understanding on implementation challenges. This means I'm also comfortable on e.g. taking designs from a concept to CSS/HTML/JavaScript. When I started my professional career I was working as a back-end developer (primarily Java and some C++), which enables me to take a feature from a high-level idea to implementation.

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