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Joseph Morgan
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Unapologetic autodidactic bibliophibian. Or in plain English, knowledge junkie and bookaholic.

By day: DBA Lairhaven Enterprises as a freelance Software Engineer, currently on a long-term project at Stonewall Technologies. Also Chief Geek in Residence for Solstice Insights, my girl-friend's start-up.

Technically, I am a charter member of the Bill Gates Fan Club, working with Microsoft Technologies and convinced they have a "what does Joey want to see in the next release" department on their Visual Studio and ASP.Net teams. I love C#, ASP.NET MVC, and I am learning several JavaScript libraries and XAML so I can make the move to Windows Universal Apps. There's a game I want to play that I need to write first!

By night, fiancé, Dad, and Diablo III adventurer. Weekends I am a military pre-enactor. ( historical recreationist with the SCA, and all around science-fiction geek.

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