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Why does our Sprint Planning not align with our original Release Plan?
6 votes

As soon as you said "The team provided guesstimated hours" I recognized an issue here. When you do high level release management, you have to realize that it even applying story points to epics is a ...

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Is it important to estimate the product size for software project?
4 votes

The answer here has nuances. In general, yes, you need to have a basic sense of size - you would likely be making awful business decisions if you didn't know whether a project would need 1 developer ...

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Is the Product Owner the boss of a Scrum Team?
2 votes

In the traditional sense of the word, the answer is No, the product owner is not the boss of the scrum team. The PO is a member of the team and works with the team collaboratively. A good PO will make ...

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Scrum approach to Graphic Design office
2 votes

As another responder, Trevor, has said, it would be ideal to get consulting from someone experienced in Scrum to lead your graphic design office in taking up the most useful aspects of the methodology....

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